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Top 5 Main Reasons for a Roof Leak

5 Reasons Why Your Roof is Leaking

One of the most critical parts of our homes is probably the roof, so it’s crucial to make sure that we’ve invested in suitable materials to ensure that we don’t encounter leaking in the future. However, there may be times when calamities hit, or we might’ve been victims of previous contractors who’ve failed to give us their best work.

Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to fix the leakage that’s occurring in your homes. Especially with great and trusted contractors around Houston, Texas, like Innpreccon Roofing. However, what are 5 of the most common reasons why your roof is leaking?

1. Your roof is leaking because of trees.

As most of us know, gutters are designed to channel the rainwater off of our roofs so they’ll stay away from our home’s foundation. However, if there are tall trees near your home, then their leaves and twigs can fall down your gutters that can cause clogs which will eventually allow rainwater to overflow at one area of your roof. In return, this will cause your roof to leak.

Although, it’s pretty easy to prevent this type of situation. All you have to do is to trim the trees around your house so there won’t be much debris to clog your gutters.

2. Your roof is leaking because it got hit by a storm.

One of the easiest damages to spot are roof damages that had been caused by storms. Especially in Texas, storms are often prevalent during certain times of the year, so it’s vital to check your roof every time your area has been hit by a pretty strong storm. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and if you think that your roof has been hit badly, then it might be time to call your trusted roofer to inspect the damages.

3. Your roof is leaking because of animals.

Did you know that certain animals can also heighten the risks of roof leakage? These can be squirrels chewing on your vents, different birds that are nesting on your gutters, or even raccoons that rip through your shingles. More often than not, we might think that these birds aren’t doing any damage, but it’s always best to ask your trusted roofer to inspect the area so you can see if there is any necessary work to be done.

4. Your roof is leaking because it had been damaged by your decorations.

Whenever we attached different temporary decorations to our roofs, there’s a bit of a risk in there. We could be sticking our decorations for the holidays, which is such an innocent thing to do. However, we might have fastened some of the lights using nails or staples, which will inevitably cause damage to our roofs. This will lead to water being able to penetrate through our deckings, which will make our interiors slowly rot. So it’s best to use plastic clips that can be safely installed on your shingles, eaves, or even your gutters!

5. Your roof is leaking because of the lack of maintenance.

One of the main reasons why your roof is leaking is because of the lack of maintenance. We get that sometimes we’re all pretty busy and that we sometimes think that our roofs are okay since there aren’t any leaks. However, it’s always best to ask a professional roofer to inspect and maintain your roof. In the long run, you’re going to thank yourselves for doing this because having a healthy roof means that you will live a more comfortable life.

Thankfully, all these leakages are pretty easy to fix if you have the right team do to it for you. We at Innpreccon Roofing pride ourselves in ensuring that the work we do on your roofs is professionally done. If you’re a homeowner in Houston, Texas, and you’re looking for a team of professional roofers to inspect and do some work on your roof, then we’re the people for the job!

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