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5 Practical Tips to Get Your Roof Ready for Summer and Avoid Major Damages

What to Expect During a Professional Roof Inspection

Your roof is your ally. It protects you and your home, but it also needs some help to do that.

Every season brings different problems. Summer may not seem challenging, but heat, UV radiation, and humidity can cause damage. Especially in the Houston area because temperatures get very high here.

However, you can do a lot for your roof. Here are simple things every homeowner should do to prevent unexpected roofing expenses.


Look for Imperfections (Shingles & Flashing)

The easiest part of a DIY roof inspection is to walk around the house with binoculars and look for suspicious areas. If you notice a few cracked or missing shingles, you should start thinking about calling your roofer. And if you notice many shingles that are damaged or missing – you should call roofing professionals to fix that as soon as possible before the damage becomes irreparable.

Roof flashings are also known to cause headaches to homeowners. The metal doesn’t like heat and humidity, so you may notice cracks or signs of rust. This can also become ground zero for leaks, so get in touch with your roofer and get on top of the issue quickly.


It’s Time to Get Dirty (Clean Your Gutters)

Clean your gutters at least twice a year. If you do that regularly, it will take less time (and be less disgusting). In the Houston area, it’s recommended to clean them in the fall, once all the rains and storms have passed, but if you’ve been neglecting your gutters for a while, now is the best time to clean them.

Use a ladder and remove debris by hand. You can clear the gutters without a ladder, but we recommend climbing there. That will give you a chance to take a closer look at the shingles, so you can take care of them while you’re there too.


Let Your House Breathe (Check Your Roof Vent)

Summers in Houston are hot. You know that. Your roof knows that. Without proper ventilation and insulation, you can expect higher bills, problems with paint (inside and outside), and in the worst-case – mold.

Luckily, it’s easy to determine if your vent is working or not – and it takes just 20 minutes. All you need is a smoke stick. Close all the windows, turn off any additional ventilation, and go to the attic. Light the smoke stick (or incense), and observe whether the smoke is going toward the vent opening. If the smoke doesn’t move, you may have a big problem.


Check if Your Roof Needs Suncream (Recoating Time)

Every roof needs recoating every five years. But long, hot summers with high UV radiation destroy the coat in less time. To check if you should treat your roof with two layers of sunscreen (first, to soak in and stop granulation, and second to provide UV protection), look at it as a whole.

If you notice that most of your shingles seem slightly used up, address that problem before the extreme temperatures arrive. That’s not a simple task, so it might be best to hire someone with experience and professional equipment to do it for you.


Call Professionals to Be Sure You’re Safe

We’ve shared some practical tips for a DIY summer roof inspection. Most of them don’t require any special tools or extreme skills. However, sometimes people can’t see potential problems. That’s why we recommend you to call us.

Our Houston roofing team has done many roof inspections  and roof repair in the area, so we’ll know if your roof needs additional attention. If it does, we can help. If not, you’ll be sure nothing can surprise the most important part of your home.


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