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5 Reasons Why Roof Repair Should Be Your Top Priority

What to Expect During a Professional Roof Inspection

Everyone has so many things to do nowadays, so it’s not surprising that we keep postponing everything that doesn’t seem like a top priority. But that sometimes leads us in the wrong direction because we let minor issues develop into something that requires our full attention.

The same happens with roofs. People keep postponing roof repairs. And that’s never a good idea. We’ll list 5 reasons why.

Maintenance is the Key To Roof’s Longevity

When you read that some asphalt shingle roofs last for 20 years while others in the same area can’t last 12, it’s almost always due to the lack of maintenance. The more care you show to your roof, the longer it lasts.

So if you have a missing shingle, don’t think that one doesn’t matter because it does. Even if your roof doesn’t leak immediately and even if you avoid further blow-offs. If there’s a wound on the roof, it’s getting damaged in one way or another. Even if there are no clear signs.

That’s why one DIY and one professional roof inspection per year are recommended. That helps to notice tiny problems and repair them before theory evolves into something big.

You’ll Avoid Awkward Situations With the Insurance Companies

Some people don’t read their insurance policies or don’t have experience with insurance companies, so they get surprised when their claims get rejected. But they can’t expect insurance providers to pay for their lack of care.

They won’t pay for the repair if they see the whole roof is in bad condition because it’s been neglected. Homeowners’ responsibility is to protect their property by keeping it in good condition. Insurance companies avoid paying homeowners who don’t meet that criteria by including Wear and Tear Exclusions in every policy.

It Only Gets Worse The Longer You Procrastinate

As we mentioned, problems grow if we pretend that they aren’t there. One missing shingle can become a couple. Then if it rains, water gets around the underlayment and starts rotting a roof from the inside until you finally get a leak.

Or you keep postponing recoating because shingles aren’t degranulating that fast. Soon after, an overflow cracks your foundation because of the clogged gutters. Or you don’t check your attic for months, and it becomes an empire of mold and moisture.

Those are some worst-case scenarios because we want to show you how serious problems can get. And how important it is to repair every issue on your roof as soon as you notice it.

Well Maintained Roofs Are Much Less Likely To Leak

Many roofing problems can cause headaches to homeowners, but most people still fear leaks more than anything else. We understand that because we know how nasty water damage can get. So we tell our clients to choose professional over DIY roof repair in most cases.

There’s a difference between professionally repaired and repaired. And that difference is usually visible on flashings. Or better to say invisible.

Replacing a flashing doesn’t seem too complicated, but making it waterproof takes skills and experience. There’s a good chance that someone doing it for the first time would do an aesthetically pleasing job that wouldn’t serve its purpose.

So even if you decide to do serious roof repairs on your own, call your roofer to check how you’ve done. But if you want to be sure your roof is in the best possible condition, call the top roofer Houston TX with many homes under its wing.


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