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How to Choose the Best Roof for Your Home in Houston, TX: 4 Important Aspects to Consider

What to Expect During a Professional Roof Inspection

Some pick roofs based on the wrong criteria and pay for a money-devouring-pit. It’s not just about the looks. It’s not just about the materials either.

Climate is a crucial factor. And in most cases, what homeowners want is less important than what roofs in the area can take. Once you ensure nature won’t blow off your investment, you can think about aesthetics and cost.

You’re Dancing, But Climate Is Playing The Music

In Houston, TX, the climate is… Well… Unbearably hot during the summer. Winters aren’t freezing, but roofs still feel the difference. The most rain falls from May to September, meaning that the hot part of the year is perfect for those nasty leaks to show up. During the winter, rain is rare.

However, snow isn’t a miracle in Houston, so don’t pick a material that thrives in summer but becomes useless if it snows. Remember that snow needs to melt. And melted snow is water (we know, some crazy science there). But now, in all seriousness, rain and sun will test your roof during summer. And when winter comes, your roof may need to deal with snow. Keep all of that in mind.

Still, don’t let stubbornness cause you more problems. Some people insist on using X materials or brands even after their contractors suggest better solutions (in the same price range). That gives the inner satisfaction of taking control and making decisions. But what when that material requires constant repairs or a roof replacement? Then they need to make some difficult decisions.

The Quality/Condition of Your Framing

If the framing of your roof is old, rotten, or simply too weak to hold certain materials, you can’t do much about it. You can either let your contractor tear that apart and build you a whole new roof. Or you can ask them which material would be the best for your framing.

If your framing is weak, but you can’t replace it now, the weight of the roofing material is the main factor. Metal roofs are up to 50% lighter than shingle roofs, so choosing metal might solve your problems. Yet, don’t celebrate too early because the slope of your roof plays a role.

Your Slope

Most people don’t know that you can’t just pick the material you want and put it on top of the building. Slope of the roof determines which materials are possible to use. Before we hit you with the exact numbers for common materials, we’ll tell you what slope is.

Slope is the incline of the roof shown as a ratio of the vertical rise to the horizontal run. Or, in other words, that’s the angle of your roof.

Here is the minimum roof slope required for some roofs:

Roof Type Minimum slope
Asphalt shingles 2:12
Metal roof shingles 3:12
Lapped, non soldered-seam metal roofs with lap sealant 0.5:12
Lapped, non soldered-seam metal roofs without lap sealant 3:12
Standing-seam roof systems 0.25:12
Liquid-applied roofing 0.25:12
Sprayed polyurethane foam roofing 0.25:12

Type of Roofs

After considering the climate, condition of your framing, and slope – you can move on to the type of roof.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are the perfect solution for some buildings. Affordable yet durable. They rarely (if ever) require repairs. It’s not unusual for a high-quality metal roof to last for decades.

Shingle Roofs

The most popular roof type in the USA. Shingles have two basic types: fiberglass and organic mat. Both are durable but have different characteristics.

Flat Roofs

This roof type is perfect for commercial buildings or houses that want to use every inch of their space. Many modern homes have flat roofs, so we may see more of them in the future.

How To Be Sure You’re Doing The Best For Your Roof?

However, don’t make any uncalculated moves. Choosing the wrong roof might be a mistake you won’t forget. That’s why we suggest you contact the local Houston, TX roofing contractor to make an inspection before the project. Maybe you don’t even need to replace the whole roof. Or maybe, you wanted to go with a material that isn’t perfect for Huston climate. A professional inspection takes care of that.


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