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When is it Time to Replace a Roof on a Rental Property

Questions to Ask a Houston Area Roofer before Hiring Them

Every decision that a landlord or property manager makes on a rental property has two primary concerns. It includes the desire to reduce costs and the need to satisfy the tenants. Whether a landlord wants to replace a simply worn toilet valve or upgrading the windows in a rental, all decisions have these two considerations in mind.

But with minor maintenance issues, landlords and managers will usually not worry about the repair, as long as it is not a recurring problem. However, owners and managers will analyze the cost of fixing a problem with its impact on tenants’ comfort if the item is expensive to repair.

A home’s roof is important to the structural integrity of the building. It also affects the comfort or safety of the people living in the home. The roof shields the rest of the structure from the direct impact of the elements. If you fail to attend to the issues relating to the roof, then the whole building is at risk. Also, replacing a roof is costly, that no landlord wants to do it only if necessary.

That is why rental property operators need to know when a rental’s roof problems have gone beyond repairs.

Signs that the roof of a rental property needs a replacement

Below are the signs that tell you if a roof is due for replacement:

1. The roof is sagging

The roof ridge should form a straight line. If it doesn’t form a straight line, then it’s about to collapse anytime.

2. Never-ending roof leaks

Most roofs will leak from time to time, especially if the landlord is not timely with inspections and repairs or if the roof has started to age. But if different parts of a roof spring leak regularly, it is a sign that the shingles have become weak.

3. Buckling or curling shingles

Another sign of roof failure is when shingles start to curl or buckle. Buckling and curling happen because the roofing material has lost its ability to withstand the sun’s intense heat.

4. Entire shingles are missing

Shingles may go missing due to heavy winds. But if a roof is in good condition, this should not happen often. Missing shingles expose the roof’s interior to moisture and is the precursor to mold, wood rot, problems with pests taking up residence inside the roof, and a host of other issues.

5. Damaged flashing

The flashing around those points where the roof and the walls of the house meet help to prevent water intrusion into the internal structures of a roof. Roof flashing creates a watertight seal around chimneys, skylights, and vents.

6. Massive growth of algae and moss

Moss, algae, and mildew undermine the roof by extracting minerals from the shingles. They feed on the roof and allow water to collect on its surface. Massive growths of algae and moss will weaken a roof to a point where it needs a replacement.

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