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3 Most Frequent Residential Roofing Problems

What to Expect During a Professional Roof Inspection

If you own your home, you know how expensive house maintenance can get. Unexpected expenses pop up like mushrooms after a rain every year. But showing your home proper care reduces the overall maintenance cost.

We’ll list some common yet terrifying residential roofing issues to give you a heads-up. It might help you notice a disaster in the making and prevent it. Let’s start with the common problem; you’ve seen it many times.

Problems With Shingles

Shingles protect your roof and your home from weather conditions. But are you protecting your shingles in any way? Recoating is the best way to slow down degranulation. We advise homeowners to do it every 3 to 5 years because degranulation leads to cracks, and cracks lead to blow-offs. And the naked roof will leak sooner than later.

So if you notice bent shingles, replace them if you know how. Cracked shingles are dangerous too. Just imagine water. You know it can get in the tiniest openings. Some of them are invisible to the naked eye. That’s why solving the problem immediately after seeing it pays off in the long run.

Replacing or adding a couple of shingles isn’t complicated. Many homeowners do it on their own. However, if a larger area of your roof is damaged, don’t replace shingles alone. There are some other reasons why we advise homeowners to avoid most DIY roof repairs. Risking your health or wealth to replace a missing shingle isn’t worth it.

Problems With Gutters

We mentioned that shingles degranulate. Those granules then get in the gutters together with debris, which is one of the worst-case scenarios during rain.

Gutters and downspouts take water away from your home, so it doesn’t damage your walls, basement, foundation, or even sidewalk. If you think repairing your cracked walls is expensive, wait until you have to pay for the sidewalk. Or clean your gutters regularly to avoid all those problems.

We aren’t kidding. Overflows are scary. Do you think your walls are built to deal with that much water? Getting hit by raindrops is one thing, but turning into a waterfall is something else. If you’re lucky, you’ll notice blistering paint.

But you’re more likely to notice cracks in your walls. And your basement could get flooded. And your foundation walls might bend and crack if the soil around them soaks in too much water.


Shingle problems are common. Even the best roofs lose a shingle or two (but it doesn’t mean that’s not a big deal). Cleaning gutters is common sense, so every problem with them is avoidable too. But leaks…

Leaks are scary because homeowners notice them when it’s too late. That’s why inspecting the roof is so important. Professional inspections show early signs of leaks, so you can prevent instead of repair them.

But even if you don’t notice any early signs because you skipped a roof inspection, don’t wait for your roof to become a dark hole for rain. Call your contractor to check your roof when you notice stains on your walls. Something is rotten up here, and it’s only a matter of time before that problem becomes even scarier.

So if you want to be sure that your home isn’t plotting against you, call the best Houston, TX residential roofing contractor to check your roof. That will let you sleep tight at night, even during heavy rain.


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