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Why Choose a Professional Over a DIY Roof Repair?

What to Expect During a Professional Roof Inspection

Let’s compare roofing to getting a slap across your face with a cactus leaf full of tiny needles. Yes. We know. Stingy metaphor. But stay focused. That metaphor hides the short answer to the question, “Should I repair my roof by myself or call someone?

So, imagine your face is full of tiny, barely visible needles. What would you do?

You’d pull out the needles you could. But many would stay deep in your skin. That means you’d need to seek professional help. You’d need to see a doctor.

And that’s it…roofers are doctors for roofs.

We solve problems you can’t solve on your own.

Are There Any Rookie Roof Repairs?

But don’t let us discourage you. There are some things most homeowners can do for their roofs without calling their contractors.

Replacing a couple of missing shingles is the most common. People usually have spare shingles in the garage, and if the damaged area isn’t big, replacing shingles shouldn’t be an issue.

Still, don’t make a mistake and replace shingles that could still serve you. If you notice small cracks on a shingle, you don’t have to replace it. Use roofing sealant to repair it, and your shingle will serve its purpose for a while.

Some contractors suggest homeowners replace flashings on their own. We aren’t one of those. Look below to see why.

Flashings Aren’t Rookie-friendly

Damaged flashings are the common cause of leaks. That alone should be a sign to approach them with a cushion.

If you see small cracks or signs of rust, don’t try to do anything alone. Every wrong move could cause more damage. Even if you replace flashing on your own, it doesn’t mean it would be waterproof. Yes, even if it looks perfect, it might act like a Troyan horse and let water into your home.

Picking the Right Material Isn’t As Easy As it Seems

Just order something similar” is the sentence that made many homeowners realize how valuable professional roofers are. Sometimes it takes more skill to pick the proper type of material than to know how to do a roof repair.


If you do a perfect job replacing those 3 missing shingles, but you pick the wrong shingle type – you’d just fool yourself into thinking that your roof is ok. It may look fine, but your roofer has chosen your current shingles according to their features, not just looks.

So one of the benefits of calling your contractor to repair your roof is peace of mind because you’d know your roof isn’t just pretty but actually waterproof.

How Much Do You Value Your Health?

Falling off the roof isn’t as fun as it seems in movies. Some roofers suffer injuries at work (that’s why you always need a licensed and insured contractor). You don’t want to risk your health to do a repair that wouldn’t cost much anyway.

And if you have a big problem, there’s not too much you can do, so risking your health makes even less sense. So please, put your health first.

Have You Heard This Chinese Proverb?

A smart man buys an expensive thing and cries only once” combines everything we mentioned above.

No, we don’t want to say that roofers are expensive.

It’s another metaphor. We woke up feeling like poets this morning. Guess that happens when you love your job. And we’ve been doing what we love for years.

So, instead of temporarily repairing something, call a professional Houston, TX contractor who can do it right from the first time. Every time.


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