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Residential Roofing Replacement Houston TX _ Innpreccon Roofing, LLC
Houston TX Residential Roofing Replacement _ Innpreccon Roofing, LLC
Residential Roofing Houston TX _ Innpreccon Roofing, LLC

Not many homeowners realize it, but their homes’ overall and total appearance depends on their roofs’ condition and design. Yes, your home might be freshly painted and newly decorated with countless lights and plants, but if your roof is damaged or aging, then your home may seem neglected. Naturally, you wouldn’t want this to happen, would you?

It’s also essential to prioritize the state of your roof because an unstable roof can seriously jeopardize your family’s safety. This is a severe safety issue, and it’s way past aesthetic now because an unstable roof means that there’s a possibility of collapse and seriously hurting your family, so it’s always better to make sure that your roof is well-maintained and functional.

No matter if your roof is a bit old or whether it has been prematurely damaged, we at Innpreccon Roofing take pride in ensuring an excellent job for your loved ones. We make sure that our clients are always satisfied with our work and that we only do our jobs in the best possible manner.

You never really know when you should replace your roof because, well, nobody goes on their roof to check if there’s any damage. This is why it’s one of the parts of our homes that can sometimes be neglected. Although, there’s no reason to worry because we are more than happy to inspect them for you in order to know whether it’s time to have your roof replaced.

We provide our services to different clients in Houston, Texas, and we’re more than happy to provide you with our services. Call us today at Innpreccon Roofing to learn more about the services we offer!


Why Choose Innpreccon Roofing for Your Roof Replacement Project

Innpreccon Roofing was established in 2016., and since then, we have helped thousands of clients with their roof replacement needs. We are a family owned and operated roofing business, and our team is known all around Houston and surrounding areas for their professionalism and years of experience.

Furthermore, when you hire Innpreccon Roofing for your roof replacement project, you can rest assured that the job will be done on time and within budget. Also, we work with the best roofing manufacturers, like Owen’s Corning and GAF; therefore, we use the highest quality shingles and other roofing materials for your new roof in Houston, TX.

Since we are well aware of our craftsmanship and the quality of our materials, we offer a three years warranty on our work and 30 years on the roofing materials we install.

Also, we have assisted hundreds of homeowners with their insurance claims for necessary roof replacements, so you can rest assured that you will be supported through the process of filling a claim since we will guide you step by step.

Therefore, if your home in Houston, TX, needs a roof replacement, Innpreccon Roofing should be your first and only choice.

Searching for Roof Replacement Companies Near Me?

You have decided that the roof on your Houston home needs to be replaced, but you don’t know who to call, so you have probably already googled “roof replacement companies near me,” haven’t you?

Well, we have news for you – Say goodbye to the frustrating search for the perfect roofer and say hello to Innpreccon Roofing – the top-rated roof replacement contractor Houston, TX. With our expert team and top-quality materials, you can trust us to provide exceptional service and a beautiful, long-lasting roof.

Don’t settle for less than the best – contact Innpreccon Roofing today!


Roof Replacement Services Provided by Innpreccon Roofing

By hiring Innpreccon Roofing for your roof replacement, you have opted for excellence, which is shown through several aspects. For example, by hiring Innpreccon Roofing, you gain high-quality roofing from adequately trained and experienced roofing professionals who are closely managing all their roofing projects. Plus, they have been known for their excellent communication and willingness to make customer satisfaction their number one priority.

Also, if we install your new roof, you will gain several benefits since we use only the best roofing materials from top manufacturers like GAF and Owen’s Corning.

In addition to our extended warranty of up to 30 years on roofing materials, some of the other benefits you will get from us are safety, energy efficiency, and a high return on investment.

Thanks to our experienced team of roofers, your new roof will be properly installed and, therefore, entirely resistant to severe weather, leaks, and other roof problems that plague owners of old, worn-out roofs.

Call us today for a free initial roof estimate.

Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement

If you aren’t sure whether your roof needs replacing, look for these telltale signs:

  • Massive shingle issues (damaged, curled, cracked, missing, etc.),
  • Extensive flashing issues around vents, chimneys, skylights, etc.,
  • Severe roof leakage,
  • Moss and mold on your roof and in the attic,
  • Visibly worn-out roof,
  • Sagging issues,
  • Enormous amounts of shingle granules in your drainage system, and
  • Roof age (your roof has over two decades).

If you notice any of these signs on your roof, call Innpreccon Roofing and schedule a FREE roof inspection so we can quickly react and repair your roof in Houston, TX.


Top Five FAQs About Residential Roof Replacement Houston, TX

What Is the Lifespan of a Roof?

Typically, a roof has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, but the installation, type of roof material, and weather conditions determine the duration of its longevity.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Replace a Roof?

Although roofers replace roofs throughout the year, the two best seasons to replace a roof are spring and early fall. That’s mainly because the temperatures are acceptable and not extreme for working outside, as they are during summer or winter.

What to Consider When Installing a New Roof?

When it comes to installing a new roof, various factors need to be taken into account, such as selecting a reputable and trustworthy roofing contractor, determining the type of material to use for the replacement, deciding on a budget, and choosing the desired color for the new roof.

What Is the Most Common Residential Roof?

The most common residential roof is the asphalt shingle roof. There are many reasons to choose this type of roof, such as; they are quite durable and long-lasting, plus they are budget friendly since roofers don’t have to spend too much time installing them.

Should I Replace My Roof Myself?

Short answer – NO! Roof replacement should be left to professionals with the necessary experience and knowledge for this demanding and dangerous task, as it requires specialized skills for working at heights. Furthermore, professional roofers earn their livelihood through such projects, so it is advisable to hire them instead of embarking on a DIY project that may result in complications and severe injuries.

Call Innpreccon Roofing for Your Roof Replacement in Houston, TX

Roof replacement is a task you should leave to the best, so call Innpreccon Roofing if you need your roof replaced in Houston, TX. With our experience, knowledge, and dedication, your roof will shine in no time, providing you and your family with the protection and peace of mind you need.

Innpreccon Roofing, LLC

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I was extremely impressed with my roofing process from beginning to end. Santiago Sintillo was very professional and punctual at all times. He answered all questions and concerns immediately. My roof turned out gorgeous. Phillicia Walters

Alfredo was great from start to finish. He helped every process and explained every step with the insurance. The roof looks good and the installers were very professional. Christian Aldama

They replaced my roof in a very professional and skilled manner. They were very helpful through the insurance claim process.. I recommend this company to anyone in need of roofing services!! Peter Nieves

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8AM - 5PM

Innpreccon Roofing has been serving the Houston area since 2016. Family-owned and operated since its establishment, we strive to offer the best experience and highest quality service to our clients. In our years of business, we have expanded throughout Houston and surrounding areas, helping thousands of satisfied clients with their roofing needs.


At Innpreccon Roofing, we work with top manufacturers: Owen’s Corning and GAF. We are an Owen’s Corning Preferred Contractor and a GAF Certified Roofer. We use the highest quality shingles and materials to guarantee great service and workmanship. Our company takes pride in our work on every project and stands behind each one. You can rest assured that with Innpreccon Roofing, our work will be done right every time.