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Schools in Houston, TX 77073

Houston, TX 77073 is an area populated with a lot of young families with children. This led to an increased demand for quality schools. There are nine elementary, middle, and high schools in Houston 77073, some of which are listed and described below.

Dunn Elementary School

Dunn Elementary School opened in 1986 and serves over 500 students in grades one through five. The school aims to improve student achievement, behavior, and parent engagement in their children’s education and prepare students for the world.

Dunn Elementary School offers several programs to ensure the best outcome for their students:

  • TwoWay Dual-Language program helps students become proficient in two languages
  • Transitional Bilingual Program caters to students whose native language is not English
  • English as a Second Language requires students to pass rigorous instructions to be able to acquire English literacy and skills
  • Gifted and Talented Program reinforces the strengths and interests of students that demonstrate diverse talents

The motto of the schools is: „Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest. Remember until my good gets better and my better is my best.“

Dunn Elementary School is located at 2003 W W Thorne Drive, Houston, TX 77073, and is a part of the Aldine Independent School District.


Lewis Middle School

Lewis Middle School opened in 2010 and is named after two educators, Vernon and Kathy Lewis, who each spent around 40 years teaching students. The school is dedicated to creating a learning culture by including students, staff, parents, and the whole community in the process. As a result, the students are expected to become respectful citizens equipped with skills to pursue their goals.

Lewis Middle School is located at 21255 W Hardy Road, Houston, TX 77073.


Dekaney High School

Dekaney High School, named after Andy Dekaney, the first president of the Board of Trustees, opened in 2007. It serves grades nine through 12 in various academic programs, such as Career and Technical Education, Special Education, English as a Second Language, and Gifted and Talented. By following the school’s core values (excellence, integrity, team spirit, open communication), all students will be equipped with academic and cultural knowledge to compete in a global economy.

Fun facts:

  • The school’s mascot is a wildcat
  • A notable alumnus attending Dekaney High School is Trey Williams, a former NFL player

Dekaney High School is located at 22351 Imperial Valley Dr, Houston, TX 77073. The school is a part of the Spring Independent School District and serves the communities of Cranbrook, Glen Abbey, and Remington Ranch.


Richey Academy

Richey Academy is a transitional school for middle school and high school students who have experienced disciplinary violations and were removed from their home campus. The Academy promises to create a safe but challenging environment for all students so they can return to their home school with improved behavior, academics, and attendance. To become a school member, the admissions process requires a student to have a referral from their home school. 

Richey Academy is located at 341 E Richey Rd Bldg A, Houston, TX 77073, and it is a part of the Spring Independent School District.

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